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 Hello Im David Reid what is this section for?

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PostSubject: Hello Im David Reid what is this section for?   Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:56 am

Hey There Josephine (my wife) and I (David Reid) are the founders of reap by Faith ministries. our family and Lenora have been working as a tag team to build and

This your chance to ask me questions you have about the school, prophetic and so on and so forth. I will do my best to answer!

What I will probably steer clear of is theological arguments there are many sites out there where you can argue about theology until your heart is content. I have found these kinds of arguments to be fruitless and a lot of the time slanderous. If you do try and argue with me about theology you will definitely not be invited to my birthday party!

Other than that happy posting!
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Hello Im David Reid what is this section for?
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